DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Fringe Bag

DIY No Sew Upcycled T-Shirt Fring Bag by Upstairs Circus

Thought we’d post this seriously easy and seriously cheap DIY project for the world to enjoy. This project was originally made for 5280 Magazine, who is running a pre-teen craft feature in their July 2014 edition. Our lives are DIY, their offices are behind our LoDo shop, we love quite a few people who work there, so we thought we would help!

The bag turned out way more chic than we originally thought it would. Very Boho. Very Hipster. Very Circus!

Happy making makers!

DIY No Sew Upcycled T-Shirt Fring Bag by Upstairs Circus

- Old Men’s XL (or bigger) T-Shirt with no side seams (super easy to find at any thrift store)
– Pony Beads (we used metallic beads, find a pack at here)


- Scissors
– Pen
– Ruler

1. Turn tee inside out, then lay on a flat surface and cut off bottom seam, arms and neckline


2. From both armpits of tee, measure 10 inches down and make a mark on both sides


3. Use ruler to connect marks and make a line across tee

3(a) 3(b)

4. Use scissors to cut 3/4″ strips across bottom of shirt. Stop cutting at marked line

4(a) 4(b)

5. Pull cut strips downward to make strips into fringe


6. Tie together matching front and back fringe pieces with a double knot

6(a) 6(b)

7. Cut shoulder pieces apart. If needed, cut out seam

7(a) 7(b)

8. Pull together front shoulder pieces and tie into tight, small knot. Repeat with back shoulder pieces

8(a) 8(b)

9. Cut bottom piece of fringe into point. Repeat with every fringe piece.


10. String a pony bead onto pointed fringe. Tie knot below pony bead at end of fringe piece. Pull tight! Repeat until every piece of fringe has a pony bead attached.

10(a) 10(b) 10(c)

11. Voila! Fill your new bag with goodies, throw it over your shoulder and wear it with pride!





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