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About Upstairs Circus

Upstairs Circus refers to the brain…

There’s a lot going on up there. Especially on the right-side. We’re pretty sure we all have monkeys on motorbikes whizzing around in them churning up all kinds of crazy ideas. We say: let’s embrace our circuses together and make a show of it.

Upstairs Circus is a one-of-a-kind social bar where people can gather together to create unique D.I.Y., art & design projects. Upstairs Circus gives patrons the time, supplies and tutorials to make something amazing-  all they have to do is add a little of their brand of circus to make it spectacular!

Our goal at Upstairs Circus, beyond all else, is to inspire and empower creativity. That, and to make sure that the only thing tacky about the Upstairs Circus is our glue.

So what are you waiting for? Come set your lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) free. Join the Circus.

Our People

Upstairs Circus can only be the wonder that it is by being run by wonderful people. A few of them are listed below.

Kelly Johannsen

Kelly Johannsen - Upstairs Circus

Kelly Johannsen (KJ) is the Ringmaster of Upstairs Circus. The name of the business, “Upstairs Circus” was derived from someone telling Kelly: “You have a so many ideas, it’s like you have a circus up there!,” in short, Upstairs Circus refers to Kelly’s brain. As an extremely creative individual she is always coming up with new ideas to create modern arts + crafts and experimenting with bringing them into reality.

Matt Johannsen

Matt Johannsen :: Upstairs Circus Lion Tamer
Lion Tamer

Matt Johannsen (Josie) is the Lion Tamer of the Upstairs Circus. As the name would suggest, Matt is the
grounding, business-minded person that makes sure Upstairs Circus not only survives, but thrives.

Melanie Ravey

Melanie Ravey :: Upstairs Circus Magician

Melanie Ravey (Mel) is the Magic Maker at Upstairs Circus. She manages people and projects at Upstairs Circus LoDo and does, indeed, work her magic on both. She’s also a badass, as you can tell by her picture. That’s why we don’t mess with her.

Kidding. We totally do.

Lindsey Mitchell

Lindsey Mitchell :: Upstairs Circus Human Cannonball
Human Cannonball

Lindsey Mitchell (Big Mitch) is the Human Cannonball at Upstairs Circus. Big Mitch manages events, marketing and customer service at our LoDo location. Fun fact: there is no real reason she is called Big Mitch or was given the title Human Cannonball; she is our receiver of random humorous nick names and we love to call her them all.