Do you have a group of people who would like to attend a Project Social, but don’t want to buy all the tickets at once? Simply choose the date and time you want to attend via our Social Calendar and add the number of “Reservation Tickets” you need to your cart (example below). Once in your cart, go through the normal checkout process until you receive a ticket order confirmation.

Reserve tickets to a Project Social at Upstairs CircusYou will receive a confirmation call 48 hours before your scheduled event to confirm you are coming and confirm the final number of people in your party. After this time, you are responsible for the cost of tickets for all the reserved seats. 


Celebrating something special? Want to host a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party at Upstairs Circus? Looking for something fun to do with your group or co-workers? We can help set up an event specific to your needs. Simply give our events line a call at: 720-239-2311 and we’ll help you put on a spectacular event!


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- Choose a Project Social on our Social Calendar to bring your group into (see calendar here).
- $35 per person includes the Project Social ticket. $45 per person includes a Project Social ticket, two drink tickets and truffle parmesan popcorn
- To reserve, simply choose your date and time, then checkout with the “reservation ticket” option in the event listing for you and your group. To pre-pay, simply buy the tickets!
- We recommend buying or reserving all tickets at the same time to ensure seating together. If you want each person to buy their own ticket, we can set up a special online listing for you and your group members to checkout with.
- Questions? Requests? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with info! OR simply call us at 720-722-2105


- Upstairs Circus is one of the only places in LoDo that can be rented out in its entirety for a variety of events.
- Upstairs Circus may be rented out for anything from a milestone birthday, to corporate team building, to a non-profit happy hour and more. You can choose to make individual projects, make a group project, simply enjoy a cocktail or two, have a dance floor, bring in outside entertainment and more.
- Our capacity is 80 seated and up to 140 reception style.
- Cost: We rent out our space on a minimum spend basis. Our minimum spend limits vary by days of the week and holidays and are made up of a sum of all money spent during your rental time (meaning, if each person is paying for themselves, their spend counts toward the minimum spend). Tuesdays- Thursdays, plus Sunday mornings are set at a $1500 minimum spend. Friday and Saturday nights our minimum spend is $2000. Daytime hours can be rented out as well; minimums vary for daytimes (let us know what your thinking, we’ll let you know the minimum!). Trust us, between all your guests drinking and crafting, these are easy minimums to make up!
- Subject to availability; book early!
- Want to make something during your rental? You choose the Project Social theme (see themes here) -or- Choose to make a “Social Art” piece with your group (one art piece everyone works on together. Team building anyone?).
- Questions? Ready to book? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with info! OR simply call us at 720-722-2105
Contact Upstairs Circus about hosting a Party


Social Art at Upstairs Circus WHAT IS IT? DESIGNED FOR:
ONE PIECE OF ART, CREATED TOGETHER. Social art projects start with an image or an idea- logo, scene, graphic, piece of inspiration, etc.- that is split into individual parts that participants are given to create (or recreate) using an art medium. Once done, the individual pieces are put back together to form one work of art for your group to keep! - Team Building– Work Outings (or innings, we come to you!)– Networking Groups– School Groups– Community Orginizations– Holiday Parties
Celebrate a Life Event WHAT IS IT? DESIGNED FOR:
CELEBRATE A BIG MOMENT. Upstairs Circus has designed workshops that cater perfectly to celebrants of all kinds of life events. Attend a Breakfast at Tiffany’s workshop for a bridal shower, an Oh Baby! workshop for a baby shower, a Naughty and Nice workshop for a bachelorette party, and so on. Reserve a space for your group in a public workshop, host a private workshop in-circus, or let us come to you! - Bridal Showers– Bachelorette Parties– Baby Showers– Milestone Birthdays– Graduation Parties– Holiday Parties– And more!
Private Project Workshops WHAT IS IT? DESIGNED FOR:
OUR WORKSHOPS, YOUR GROUP, IN PRIVATE. Want to get a group of people together and create in a private setting? We are happy to accomidate your group in-circus or in-home. Simply pick one of our existing workshops for your group to enjoy and we’ll get them creating. - Team Building– Work Outings (or innings, we come to you!)– Networking Groups– School Groups– Community Orginizations– Holiday Parties– Other Large Groups
Upstairs Circus Collaborations WHAT IS IT? IDEAS INCLUDE:
LETS COLLABORATE! Do you have a Meet-Up, a networking event, a charity event or a group project to do? Lets talk collabo! Upstairs Circus may be able to provide space, supplies, instruction, beverages and more for your upcoming event. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get creative together. - Etsy Craft Meet-Ups– Pinterest Parties / Pinterest Lovers Socials– Kid Robot Creations– Art, DIY, Design or Craft Groups– Charity Events– And more!