About Upstairs Circus


There’s a lot going on up there. Especially on the right-side. We’re pretty sure we all have monkeys on motorbikes whizzing around in them churning up all kinds of crazy ideas. We say: let’s embrace our circuses together and make a show of it.

Upstairs Circus is a social bar where people can gather together to create unique D.I.Y., art & design projects; think Maker Studio meets Full Bar. We are: a DIY Bar, a Project Bar, Creations & Libations, a Craft & Sip, Crafts & Cocktails, a DIY & Drink, and so many other amazing descriptors! Upstairs Circus gives patrons the time, supplies,  tutorials and assistance to make something amazing-  all they have to do is add a little of their brand of circus to make it spectacular!

Our goal at Upstairs Circus, beyond all else, is to inspire and empower creativity.

(That, and to make sure that the only thing tacky about the Upstairs Circus is our glue.)

So what are you waiting for? Come set your lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) free. Join the Circus.


Project Socials at Upstairs Circus in LoDo Denver

Project Socials are regularly scheduled times in which patrons gather together and make DIY, art & craft projects with friends & strangers alike! Come join the Circus!
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Reserve a spot in an Upstairs Circus Project Social

Reserve a spot in a Project Social or buy your spot in advance; simply visit our calendar page, select a Project Social date & time that works for you & reserve your spot!
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Choose a DIY, Design or Art Project to create at Upstairs Circus

Each circus-goer can pick their own project to create from our Project Menu. There are 25+ projects to choose from- from leather working to jewelry making & more!
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Create something spectacular at Upstairs Circus in LoDo, Denver

We give you the time, supplies, tools & tutorial to make a masterpiece. Work at your own pace, enlisting our Creative Assistants for project tips, advice or help!
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Crafts and Cocktails - Creations with Libations at Upstairs Circus

Creations are twice as much fun with libations! Visit our full-bar for a spectacular specialty cocktail, wine or another variety of “creative juice”.
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Share your spectacular Upstairs Circus creations on Social Media!

Take your creations home; use them or hang them & do so with pride! Stay connected with us on Facebook to see your Project Social photos, find deals & more.
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Upstairs Circus can only be the wonder that it is by being run by wonderful people. A few of them are listed below.
Kelly Johannsen - KJ - Upstairs Circus
Kelly Johannsen (KJ) is the Ringmaster and Creator of Upstairs Circus. As the name suggests, she runs the show. Well. At least we let her think she does. KJ's main responsibilities are Product Development and Marketing at Upstairs Circus. This means she makes and manages all of our Projects and is also responsible for all branding, promotions and marketing efforts.
Kelly Johannsen (KJ)


Matt Johannsen :: Upstairs Circus
Matt Johannsen (Josie) is the Lion Tamer and Co-Creator of Upstairs Circus. He makes sure everyone and everything is just that. Tame. Well. Tame-ish anyhow. Matt controls the Operations and Business Functions at Upstairs Circus. He works with our managers and staff to make sure all things at both Circusi (plural for Circus, right?) are on track and running smoothly all the time. Additionally, Matt handles all our bizness. The accounting. The lawyers. The licensing. The growth strategy, etc. In short, he’s on our team (and we like him) because he works hard erryday to make sure that Upstairs Circus not only survives, but thrives.
Matt Johannsen (Josie)

Lion Tamer

Melanie Ravey :: Upstairs Circus Magician
Melanie Ravey (Mel) is the all-important Magician at Upstairs Circus. She manages all our supplies, inventory and project kit creation from our central workshop location. She makes sure everyone has everything they need in order for patrons to make spectacular projects. Yep. Magic. She’s also a badass, as you can tell by her picture. That’s why we don’t mess with her. Kidding. We totally do.
Melanie Ravey (Mel)


Lindsey Mitchell :: Upstairs Circus
Lindsey Mitchell (Big Mitch) is the Knife- & Events- Juggler at Upstairs Circus. As the name suggests, Big Mitch manages all events and customer service for both Circus locations. You’ve probably received a call from her confirming your reservations. It most likely sounded something like: “This is Wendy from Upstairs Circus.” She totally can’t say her own name. Side note: there is no real reason she is called Big Mitch; she called herself said name one day and we all laughed so hard we decided it should stick.
Lindsey Mitchell (Big Mitch)

Knife (& Events) Juggler

Lindsey Wolanski :: Upstairs Circus
Lindsey Wolanski (Woolly. You know. Like a Woolly Mammoth.) is the Menagerie Keeper/ Manager of our Lower Downtown Upstairs Circus location. She’s pretty funny and not only likes ducks, but excels at her duck face (as you can see). You can find her stamping hilarious sayings into jewelry or leather projects on any given circus day.
Lindsey Wolanski (Woolly)

Menagerie Keeper