Times, they are a-changin’…(again)   – Bob Dylan

— (updated 1/19/2022) —


Masks required for patrons in both Denver area locations- DTC & LoDo- and our Minneapolis location- MPLS. This mask order is in accordance with local mandates.

ATX & DFW no longer require masks for patrons, however, they are highly encouraged!

Masks are required for all in-store Circus team members.


MPLS ONLY! In accordance with mandates from the City of Minneapolis, we “shall admit only those persons who furnish proof of a Completed Vaccination Series against COVID-19 occurring at least two weeks prior to entry, or proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test conducted by a medical professional from a sample that was collected from such person within three calendar days prior to the person’s entry.”

100% of our Circus team is vaccinated.


Groups of any size are welcome.


Spacing between parties may encroach 6-feet. A limited amount of distanced seating is available at each Circus and can be requested at the time of reservation, however, if you or a group member is high-risk, we suggest visiting the Circus on a weekday (T-Th) or emailing your Circus to find a Project Social that may be less-than-full to make sure your space needs can be met. Distanced seating cannot be guaranteed unless arranged (and confirmed) with your Circus location beforehand.


  • SICK = STAY HOME: While we’d love to see you, our first precaution we ask you honor is to stay home if you, or anyone in your household, are experiencing symptoms of any kind. We also advise that you self-check your temperature before coming in for your reservation (please stay at home with a temp of 100.4 or higher)!
  • MAKE A RESO: Make a reservation before coming in; that way we can make sure you understand our COVID precautions and we can make sure we provide you with the space you need!
  • LET US TAKE YOUR ORDER: Rather than heading to the bar to get a drink, or Project Pick-Up for a project, we’ll come take orders from you!
  • SANITIZING LIKE NO TOMORROW: We are still disinfecting items you may touch between groups, this may include: tools, paint, chairs, tables, tutorials, restrooms, iPads (more frequently), table tops, bar tops, door handles, etc.
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME, BUT YOU CAN’T STAY HERE: In order to allow for proper sanitation of literally everything you may touch in the Circus, during morning and mid-day Project Socials we will adhere to our Project Social end times. We will, however, give you fair warning before asking you to leave, and give you the option of taking any remaining supplies you need home.
  • OUR DOORS ARE WIDE OPEN: Whenever possible, we will keep our doors open to increase ventilation.


  • FEELING SICK= STAY AT HOME: We’re heading home if we’re feeling ill, even at the slightest sign of it!
  • SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB: Upon arrival, departure and every 30 minutes in between, we’re washing our hands.
  • UNDERCOVER SMILES: We’re happy to see you, you just may not be able to tell under our masks. We’ll wear them while we’re working and smize at you instead.
  • VAXED: 100% of our Circus Team is vaccinated.