DIY Tutorial: How to Make T-Shirt Yarn (The Most Amazing of Yarns!)

Upstairs Circus Step-by-Step T-Shirt Yarn Photo Tutorial

This DIY t-shirt yarn tutorial is seriously one of the most useful tutorials eva, simply because t-shirt yarn is so. freaking. useful.

Don’t believe us?

It makes Dog Toys.

It makes Jewelry.

It makes amazingly comfy ear straps for face masks (because it’s 2020 and you know we’re wearing masks!)

And a whole lot more!

We’ll be posting more about t-shirt yarn projects in the future, but knowing how to make it is the base to any of those projects, so we’re posting that first!

Enjoy making, makers!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Modern Doorstop (That Works!)

It’s chic, it’s useful and it’s easy to make! Checkout our Wood & Leather Doorstop DIY Tutorial!

Total Supply Cost: $15.00
Time to Make: 30 Minutes

Supplies needed:

MAKE THIS THE EASY WAY! Order a DIY Kit from Upstairs Circus ($15.00 Upstairs Circus)

Wood Wedge (or scrap wood to cut into wedge)
2 Paint Colors
Leather Strap
Gold Tacks
Washi Masking Tape
2 Paint Sponges
Rubber Feet

Tools needed:

Hair Dryer (Optional)

Happy Making Makers!


DIY Tutorial: How to Make DIY Lip Scrub, 2 Ways, in 2 Minutes

Learn to make all-natural (and effective) Sugar Cookie & Lemon Drop Lip Scrubs with ingredients that may already be in your kitchen with our DIY Lib Scrub Tutorial! Make your lips soft with these great tasting recipes.

Total Supply Cost: $0 (we already had these supplies!)
Total Time: 2 Minutes Each

Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub Ingredients:
2 Tsp Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Coconut Oil
1 Tsp Honey
2 Drops Vanilla Extract (Optional)

Lemon Drop Lip Scrub Ingredients:
1 Tsp Cane Sugar
1 Tsp Olive Oil
1/2 Tsp Honey
3 Drops Lemon Oil ($6.99 Amazon –

Cute Lil Pots:
25 Pack (SO great for travel too! ($8.99 Amazon-

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Ballet Barre in 30 minutes

A quick and easy way to make a ballet barre for at-home fitness!

Total Supply Cost: $22.20
Time to Make: 30 Minutes

Supplies needed:

4ft Stair Rail ($17.00 Amazon (this is much cheaper if you go to Home Depot!))
2 Rail Mounting Brackets ($7.99 Each Amazon)

Tools needed:

Stud Finder ($7.99 Amazon)
Drill with bits ($49.00 Amazon)
Tape Measure ($8.98 Amazon)
Level ($12.99 Amazon)
Sandpaper ($3.17 Amazon)


DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Faux Spider Plant

Do you have a green thumb? No? Neither do we!

Check out this DIY Faux Spider Plant that can make you seem like a plant care pro (because, duh, you can’t kill a fake plant)!

Note: Any color cardstock will work, you simply have to paint it if it doesn’t start green!

Total Supply Cost: $0 (we already had these supplies!)
Total Time: 45 Minutes

Dino Plant Container ($11.99 Amazon-
Cardstock ($7.29 Amazon-
Acrylic Craft Paint Set ($14.99 Amazon-
Foam Tape (Any kind of sticky tape will do! $5.69 Amazon-

Scissors ($6.48 Amazon-
Paint Brush Set ($4.99 Amazon-